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Project MOTION
Project Motion is a study of brief treatments for either "problem" or heavy drinking and how they work—specifically in the context of controlling drinking. We are interested in recruiting individuals who would like to reduce their drinking but not quit altogether. Psychotherapy has been established as successful in helping people to reduce their drinking; however, we do not yet know exactly why and how it works. Project Motion explores what makes these brief treatments successful.

Treatment is comprised of 4 sessions of psychotherapy over the course of 8 weeks. Participants will also complete 4 assessments over the first 8 weeks and 3 assessments post-treatment. This is done to see how participants are faring before, during, at the end of, and six months post-treatment. Project Motion asks for a 9 month commitment. In addition to in-person assessments and treatment sessions, participants will be asked to complete an online daily survey for a total of 7 weeks throughout the 9 months of the study.

For more information or to see if you are eligible for participation, please call 212-974-0494 or email

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